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Preventive Maintenance

preventative maintenance

Maintaining Your Car’s Preventative Maintenance Routine

is the greatest method to stop expensive, long-lasting issues. Reading the owner’s manual for your car is one of the most important steps you can do to ensure you are taking all the necessary precautions. No matter what brand or model your car is, the owner’s manual will provide a maintenance schedule. Every make and model is unique, so generalizations like “You have to change your oil every 3,000 miles” might not be applicable to your vehicle.

Following Your Manufacturer's Preventive Maintenance Plan:

The manufacturer of your vehicle—the company that created it—provided the maintenance plan in your owner’s manual. The manufacturer offers recommendations for how frequently to change things like drive belts, timing belts, filters, and oil.

While some preventive maintenance, like topping off fluids, can be done by the owner of the car, other, trickier tasks should be left to professionals like the crew at Scherbenske Auto Repair.

Expert Preventive Maintenance Services Available at Scherbenske Auto Repair

Our crew can do the following maintenance to maintain your car in excellent condition:

  • Timing belt inspection and replacement (to avoid harm to other equipment)
  • Changing and inspecting serpentine belts (to avoid harming other accessories)
  • Examining and replacing the oil
  • Examining, maintaining, and changing the parts of the battery connection
  • Changing and examining batteries
  • Changing your car’s cabin air filters will help keep it cool during the sweltering summer months.
  • Checking and replacing your engine air filter. If you commute a long distance or drive in stop-and-go traffic, you may need to replace your engine air filter more frequently.
  • Inspecting and changing the spark plugs
  • Tire rotation: this ensures that your tires wear evenly, which can help. avoid leaks and blowouts. It also contributes to a smoother ride.
  • Tire balancing: By keeping your tires in balance, you can considerably extend their life and save money.
  • Wheel alignment

Trust Our Experts for Your Preventive Maintenance

You can considerably avoid issues and long-term costs by adhering to the owner’s manual for your car and getting it examined and maintained on a regular basis. Let Scherbenske Auto Repair’s knowledgeable staff assist you in maintaining the condition of your car.

Preventive Maintenance by two mechanics
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